Author: lamar


Installation is EVERYTHING!!!

You can purchase the best materials available but if those materials are installed incorrectly the installation will fail.  Be sure to use an experienced installer with references and a proven track record.


Shower Information

Our company installs an average of one tile shower or tiled tub surround each week.  Many of these showers involve removing existing showers that have failed.  This affords us the experience of learning how...


Showers with Glass Deco

   Glass deco tile in shower installations can present many challenges. The various shapes and thicknesses can create installation issues especially when you need to maintain your waterproofing integrity. Many of the new setting...


Deco Tile Entry

Deco Tile Entry: each tile is an individual piece – beautiful results.   Details/Notes: We elected to install over existing tile because it was flat and well attached. We were also unsure about the...